This site is designed to help those involved with online copywriting. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in — whether you’re directly involved with the writing or not — hopefully there’ll be something of value to you here.

I’ve been involved with a multitude of online projects over the years and I’ve seen projects damaged at every step of the way (writer, editor, project manager, clients, CEOs). Some of what has gone wrong has staggered me, especially mistakes made by so called professionals. I apologise if some of my posts seem like rants.

Sure, I’ve made mistakes too and I’ll include what I’ve learned from those here. I’ll say here that I don’t use US spellings and I’m not the best at proofreading my own work, although I will complain about that when others do it.

Why the anonymity? Because I’m still writing and I’m still working. Much of what is documented will be the work of my colleagues and contacts who I’ll try my best to hide the identities of.


One Response to About

  1. hey ya!
    my project might not exactly the same like yours, since am doing photography more than i write. but i do admit, sometimes those comments or -in my case- misspelled signs are just fun to frowned at. check this http://nickmatulhuda.wordpress.com/category/photo-series-words-and-signs/ to see what am talking about. see if you like it.

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